Big Wick 4 Pack

Is your Peak Estrus from the current season?

Yes it is. With the help of our team of reproduction veterinarians, we use a synchronization protocol that allows us to bring our does in a early heat to collect estrus urines any time of year so we can ship you the freshest urines possible. Testing in the field has shown this product to be as effective as a doe’s regular cycle in November.


Deer Urine as cover scent- very powerful!

We have found that fresh deer urine (30+ Peak Estrus, Scrape Lure, Calming Scent or Multi Buck Urine) works very well as a cover scent. While sitting in your stand use our spray top and give 5-10 blasts every 15 minutes also spraying on your tree around you. This helps to overpower your scent as it floats downstream. We know we can’t completely fool a mature buck’s nose but by covering our scent with something as powerful as deer urine it #1 helps to relax him and #2 makes him think you are at 200 yards when you’re only at 30 yards. Many mature bucks have been taken with this well-kept secret.


How do I apply deer urine in the field?

Here is a summary of our favorite application method you should use in each season with any one of our urines:

  1. Per each hunt, according to the wind make two fresh scrapes about 20 yards on each side of your stand.
  2. For each scrape, pick a tree with low-hanging branches and make a 3 ft. circle by scraping away all leaves under the branches with your boots.
  3. Hang your favorite wick or a heated wick dispenser on a branch over each scrape and pour some scent directly in to ground.
  4. If the terrain allows for access, make scent drags to your stand as well. To do so, tie a wick soaked in fresh urine to a string and drag it behind you as you walk towards your stand freshening wick every 80 yards.


My product was thawed when I received it, what now?

We ship your product frozen, but it may thaw before you receive it. Don’t worry, a short thaw does not substantially alter the effectiveness of the product. Put it back in the freezer immediately after receiving. When freezing your product, always place it in a plastic bag to protect your freezer from contamination and we do not recommend freezing alongside food.


How do I store product after receiving it?

Keep product frozen until ready to use. Always place it in a plastic bag to protect your freezer from contamination. It is not recommended to freeze alongside food.

How long will my product stay fresh?

Stored in a freezer, our products will stay fresh up to 2 years. 

What are the benefits of our “Hot Wick” lure dispensers

The better a hunter can replicate a live doe, the better the odds of attracting a mature buck. Mimicking the temperature of fresh urine is an important component of realizing the full benefits of a lure. The pheromone profile of deer urine evolves as its temperature changes. With heat, the aroma molecules present in the urine speed up, resulting in a scent that provides a hunter with a larger target range than that provided by a room-temperature scent. After years of research and development our team has developed a technology called the “Hot Wick” that quickly heats up your favorite deer urine to the body temperature of a live doe. This product provides a hunter with up to 10 hours of heated vapors, and ensures that the potency and effectiveness of your lure is fully realized.

Can CWD be spread through cervid urines?

According to research by Dr. Nick Haley of Kansas State University (see Haley et al. PLoS ONE 2009; 4(3) and 4(11)), it is unlikely that deer urines spread CWD. Despite this, we take the threat of CWD very seriously. Our farm has been certified CWD-free for 12+ years and we take every precaution possible to ensure our herd remains healthy. Please see our CWD page for a more discussion on the topic and details on our participation in the ATA Deer Protection Program.

Why should you use fresh wicks?

When deer urine is exposed to oxygen and air, it quickly dissipates and its pheromone profile changes. Deer can sense the freshness of urines, which means that successfully fooling a mature buck means using fresh wicks on each hunt. To re-use wicks wash them in your favorite scent killer soap.

Which urine lure should I use in any given season?


  • Early Season, Pre-Rut (July – Oct 15): Use our Scrape Lure and Buck Urine to make mock scrapes and freshen existing scrapes. Use Calming Scent all season to cover your scent spraying a few bursts with our spray tops from your stand every 15 minutes
  • Peak-Rut (Oct 16 – Nov 21). Use Peak Estrus and Buck urines with scent drags, mock scrapes and scent wicks.
  • Late Season, Post-Rut (Nov 22 – February): Use Peak Estrus, Buck Urine, Calming Scent, or Scrape Lure. 


Do deer urine lures attract female deer?

Yes, all the time. Whitetail does are naturally curious and social animals. When they smell fresh deer urine from a deer outside their home range they will often go to the source to examine the curious scent. A doe is also always looking for more or better food and we believe that they can smell what other deer are eating through urines. The feed formula fed to our collection deer is a custom formula that deer crave, helping attract more deer within your range.

Can Deer urine Scare Deer?

We have never experienced it scaring deer when you use fresh real deer urine no matter what part of the country or what season you use it in. There are products on the market that have additives and special ingredients that could scare deer so we recommend that you use only fresh real deer urines. What hunters can experience at times is a deer is coming to his scent wick then it crosses the hunters human scent path and spooks because of human scent. Deer urine does not 100% cover human scent so it is very important that you are as odor free as possible and always play the wind.