What our clients have to say about our scents


Hey Elam, check out this giant buck I took yesterday in Kansas with Peak Estrus!

Christian Berg

Petersen's Bowhunting

My best buck ever! He couldn't resist the Multi buck urine !!

Dustin Jones


Two hours after a scent drag I shot my first typical 10 and biggest buck with crossbow at 15 yards. Lifelong customer for sure.

Eric Noe


Both bucks came in aggressive looking for a hot doe or a fight for one!

Greg Goodman


Every buck stopped to smell your scent. I cried like a bab y for 5 mins after I found him.

Isaiah Battel


He left a hot doe for short time to check out a scent drag I had made with your 32+ Peak Estrus!

James Garrett


The scent really helps cover your own scent.

Jody Smith


Harvested 4 bucks this season with it. Will never use another scent product.

Kevin Mckenna


This 164” Pennsyvania buck came in with his nose up to my scent. The best scent I have ever used.

Kris Wolfe


He came in with his ears laid back and the hair on back and neck were standing up.

Scott Feese


RAW Frozen Scents are the real deal... none of the other scents have attracted the mature bucks like RAW does!

Tony Meech


By far the best scent I have personally ever used. I've been using it since 2016 and pics at my mock scrape sites have tripled since then. I also use it as a cover scent and on drag rags going to and from stands, and have had multiple times where bucks or does would follow the trail directly to the tree. It's the purest, freshest and best priced scent on the market.. If you'd like to see it in action with some pics at my scrapes go to @CalculatedKillers Facebook and search the albums for mock scrapes..

Josh Bias