tested 53.2 times more effective than non-frozen scent

Body Blast, the first whitetail "Body Scent" The closest thing yet to how a buck recognizes a doe in the wild Revolutionary technology captures deer's natural body odor and infuses it into an easy-to-use wick Includes pheromones which identify a doe in estrus Frozen to preserve integrity of scent until use No preservatives, no water added To deer, their sense of smell is every bit as important as their sense of sight. As any hunter knows, deer use their highly developed sense of smell to detect danger. They also use scent as a form of communication and to identify other deer. And of course, bucks use scent to find does in heat. Like all mammals, deer give off an individual, distinctive and recognizable odor or smell. Think garlic, which even we humans, with our relatively poor sense of smell, can detect as a body odor given off by others. When does are in heat, their body odor emits pheromones that identify they are in estrus.This is why a deer’s body odor is especially important.   For the first time, RAW Scents has discovered a method to capture a deer’s body odor. Body Blast by RAW Scents, is the world’s first body scent. The body odor of does in heat is collected into an absorbent wick which, like all RAW Scent products, is frozen to preserve the integrity of the scent until you use it. Simply thaw the body odor-impregnated scent wick and then hang it from a branch in and area where air circulation can disseminate the telltale body odor to bucks in the area. Body Blast is effective because it combines the natural body scent of a deer, which can have a calming influence on deer, with the pheromones that does also emit through their body scent while in heat. Body Blast is also effective because there are no preservatives used and because it is frozen immediately upon collection so it’s exceptionally fresh.  
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Safety in numbers  Deer are most calm when there are lots of other deer around – safety in numbers. That’s how this multi-deer scent calms deer around you.  
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Fire up your mock or real scrapes  Nothing gets bucks going like knowing there is new buck and doe in the area. Scrape Lure buck/doe scent does just this.
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The most effective scent available! Our exclusive synchronization technology lets us bring does into heat at anytime, so we collect peak estrus urine just prior to season so it’s fresh. Plus, we test and certify every batch for peak estrogen (30+ pg/ml).
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Body Blast

❅  The closest thing yet to how a buck recognizes a doe in the wild
❅  Revolutionary technology captures deer's natural body odor and infuses it into an easy-to-use wick
❅  Includes pheromones which identify a doe in estrus
❅  Frozen to preserve integrity of scent until use
❅  No preservatives, no water added

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9 reasons why RAW™ Frozen Scents outperform the competition!

The biggest complaint among deer hunters who use scent is that it simply does not work very often. The reason is the scent is either loaded with preservatives or the organic matter in the scent has started to decompose, both of which change the scent profile dramatically reducing the effectiveness

1. Frozen scent does not decompose like non-frozen scent.

Does your scent stink? It almost certainly does. This is because the organic material in the scent has started to rot or decompose. And, deer can surely smell this. No wonder it doesn’t work very well! That’s why we flash freeze our scent immediately after collection. Frozen scent can’t decompose so it stays fresh for a long time.

RAW Frozen Scents vs Non-Frozen Scents

2. No preservatives added

Other scents attempt to ward off decomposition by adding preservatives. Who are they kidding? Not the deer! You don’t think deer can smell preservatives? Or that preservatives don’t change the scent profile?

RAW Frozen Scents Preservatives

3. 100% pure, no water added

All RAW Frozen Scent products are 100% pure. We add no water, a common trick of other scent brands to make their scent go further. Dilution also changes the profile of scent, which deer can detect.

RAW Frozen Scents Buck Chasing Doe

4. Synchronization technology allows us to collect scent same-season

Working with reproduction veterinarians, we have developed a synchronization process that allows us to bring whitetail deer into heat any time of the year. This means we can collect estrus urine just prior to hunting season so your scent is same-season fresh!

RAW Frozen Scents All Seasons

5. Certified “peak” estrus with guaranteed estrogen levels of 30+ pg/mL

Research has shown that the estrogen levels of a whitetail doe at peak estrus are over 30 pg/mL. This is what you need to fire up mature bucks. We have an independent lab test every batch of RAW Peak Estrus and certify an estrogen level of 30+!

RAW Frozen Scents Peak Estrus 30+

6. Independent testing found four leading brands of other estrus scent with zero estrogen

One reason other scent products don’t work is because they are not what they claim to be. An independent testing lab has found literally no trace of estrogen in the doe estrus scent products of four of the leading brands. Buyer beware!

RAW Frozen Scents Estrogen Levels

7. RAW Frozen Scents tested 53.2 times more effective

We tested RAW Frozen Scent vs a leading scent brand by hanging scent loaded wicks  side by side and letting several different bucks decide which they preferred. The average amount of time each buck spent at RAW Peak Estrus was 266 seconds versus only 5 seconds for the leading brand. That’s 53.2 times more interest in RAW!

RAW Frozen Scents More Effective

8. Proven in the field by hunters

We surveyed 609 hunters that used RAW Frozen Scents and 80% reported they were very satisfied, saying more mature bucks responded, bucks were more aggressive, stayed longer and came in more quickly! And, more does responded as well!

RAW Frozen Scents Testimonials

9. Innovative scents not available anywhere else.

RAW Frozen Scent provides four unique scent products not available anywhere else. 
• Peak Estrus – nobody else  guarantees 30+ pg/mL  estrogen levels 
• Multi Buck Urine – combines urine from rutting, dominant and young  bucks to set off a dominance frenzy 
• Scrape Lure – introduces a new buck and a new doe to fire up scrape use • Calming Scent – creates calming through the concept of safety in numbers

RAW Frozen Scents Family of Products