Body Blast, the first whitetail "Body Scent"


  • The closest thing yet to how a buck recognizes a doe in the wild
  • Revolutionary technology captures deer's natural body odor and infuses it into an easy-to-use wick
  • Includes pheromones which identify a doe in estrus
  • Frozen to preserve the integrity of scent until use
  • No preservatives, no water added

To deer, their sense of smell is every bit as important as their sense of sight. As any hunter knows, deer use their highly developed sense of smell to detect danger. They also use scent as a form of communication and to identify other deer. And of course, bucks use scent to find does in heat.

Like all mammals, deer give off an individual, distinctive and recognizable odor or smell. Think garlic, which even we humans, with our relatively poor sense of smell, can detect as a body odor given off by others. When does are in heat, their body odor emits pheromones that identify they are in estrus. This is why a deer’s body odor is especially important. 

 For the first time, RAW Scents has discovered a method to capture a deer’s body odor. Body Blast by RAW Scents is the world’s first body scent. The body odor of does in heat is collected into an absorbent wick which, like all RAW Scent products, is frozen to preserve the integrity of the scent until you use it. Simply thaw the body odor-impregnated scent wick and then hang it from a branch in and area where air circulation can disseminate the telltale body odor to bucks in the area.

Body Blast is effective because it combines the natural body scent of a deer, which can have a calming influence on deer, with the pheromones that does also emit through their body scent while in heat. Body Blast is also effective because there are no preservatives used and because it is frozen immediately upon collection so it’s exceptionally fresh.


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    Bud O.
    United States United States

    Body blast

    First time use any of the Raw frozen products..opening morning of Michigan rifle season I put the body blast on a branch below my tree stand ..20 minutes later I had a 9 point coming in down wind coming too the base of my tree ..he was looking for doe..ill be useing next year..

    James G.

    Body blast is a deer in a wick

    I’ve been using RAW scents with the best luck I’ve ever had for last few years but now they have come out with new product that I can hang around my stand or over scrape. Between body blast and new calming scent this company keeps amazing me with great and new products

    Eric N.

    Body blast

    All I can say about the body blast it is a real deer inside a package lol. Its smell smells like a real deer hair particles on it the scent smells like an old doe ready for action. Raw has really hit the nail on the head coming out with this product. Cant wait to pull a scent drag with body blast

    Mark P.

    No reaction

    Deer showed absolutely 0 reaction to this. Unfortunately I bought the 6 pack. Nothing more than super expensive scent wicks.


    No reaction

    Unfortunately I decided to buy the 6 pack without trying it first. Had a small buck come by it and pay absolutely no attention to it. The wick itself has very little odor to it. I put it on a drag and hung it near my stand. Put another one over a mock scrape. The deer totally ignore it. I was really excited to try this as the other scents seem to be the real deal.