The importance of using premium deer urine to lure whitetail deer

The importance of using premium deer urine to lure whitetail deer

  • By - Adam
  • 8 August, 2018

If you had to pick buying the most premium deer decoys, the most premium deer calls, or the most premium deer urine, you should prioritize buying premium deer urine (and we’re not just making that up because we’re a deer urine company!). The fact is, deer urine is the closest attractant to a real deer as it actually comes from the deer. Deer urine also has a double-use (thus double value): It’s an effective deer attractant and also a cover scent to eliminate the spooky human door that diverts whitetails from coming close.

Deer urine is also much easier to take to the field than decoys, and much less expensive than decoys and some calls. Used with a strategic combination of decoys and calls, you can distribute deer urine to create the perfect atmosphere for catching a mature buck off-guard.

The benefit with RAW FrozenScents’ urines is that we collect our urines fresh each season. Then we quickly freeze them to stunt decomposition of the organic material present in the fresh urine. This ensures that our product’s scent profile maintains the highest quality until use. We also ensure the deer urine we collect is not affected by contamination from feces or other particulates. We are the only company that provides the end-to-end care to collect and distribute premium whitetail deer urine: we collect our own deer urine from our 600 whitetails on 2 farms (quality control), freeze the deer urine (best preservation), ship it directly to your door in an insulated cooler (no shelf or warehouse stay) and we offer volume pricing to save you money

Some things to note about using deer scents:

They will not attract deer super far away from where they usually roam. That’s why it’s helpful to scout your hunting fields before the early season to get a good sense of where the biggest bucks frequent and position yourself near those areas throughout the hunting season. Deer scents also can’t make up for bad wind conditions or a bad stand placement—expert hunters will say you should set up your area just as if you didn’t have a deer urine.

Another thing to note with the use of deer urine: Chronic Wasting Disease

You may have heard of CWD (Chronic Wasting Disease), a contagious neurological disease affecting deer, elk, and moose that can potentially be spread by deer urine. CWD is an environmental concern as well as a potential threat to human health. It hasn’t been proven that CWD is caused by spreading deer urine, but to be safe RAW Frozen Scents gets its products CWD-Certified Free (we have been for the past 12 years!). Just choose a high-quality deer urine company that is cognizant not to spread CWD, and we should have plenty of deer to hunt for years to come.

Bottom line:

Fresh deer urine attracts bigger bucks. Just make sure you use the right deer scent for each phase of the season, and you’ll have a great time!