Best practices for using deer attractant for whitetail deer hunting

Best practices for using deer attractant for whitetail deer hunting

  • By - Adam
  • 8 August, 2018

Using “Hot Wick” lure dispensers to replicate the temperature of fresh deer urine:

First of all, you’ll notice that we like to promote our “Hot Wick” lure dispensers along with our high-quality deer urine, and that is because using hot wick dispensers is an excellent way to naturally spread the deer urine in your area. The hot wicks heat the urine to mimic the temperature of fresh deer urine, which is an important component of realizing the full benefits of deer lures. The better a hunter can replicate a live doe, the better the odds of attracting a mature buck.

The pheromone profile of deer urine evolves as its temperature changes. With heat, the aroma molecules present in the urine speed up, resulting in a scent that provides a hunter with a larger target range than that provided by a room-temperature scent. After years of research and development, our team has developed a technology called the “Hot Wick” that quickly heats up your deer urine to the body temperature of a live doe. This product provides a hunter with up to 10 hours of heated vapors and ensures that the potency and efficacy of your deer lure are fully realized.

Important tip: You want to ensure you use fresh wicks. When deer urine is exposed to oxygen and air, it quickly dissipates and its pheromone profile changes. Deer can sense the freshness of urines, which means that successfully fooling a mature buck means using fresh wicks on each hunt. To re-use, wicks wash them in a scent-killing soap.

Applying the deer urine in the field:

Years of experimental research by our team has taught us more deer urine per hunt is better. A deer urinates 6-8 ounces at a time, thus we recommend using at least 4-6 ounces per hunt. By using more it lasts longer and reaches farther.

Here is a summary of our favorite application method you should use in each season with any one of our urines:

  1. Per each hunt, according to the wind make two fresh scrapes about 20 yards on each side of your stand.
  2. For each scrape, pick a tree with low-hanging branches and make a 3 ft. circle by scraping away all leaves under the branches with your rubber boots.
  3. Hang your favorite heated wick dispenser on a branch over each scrape and pour 1-2 ounces directly into the ground.
  4. If the terrain allows for access, make scent drags to your stand as well. Scent drags are essentially scent trails created by dragging a urine-soaked wick or rag on a path towards your stand. To do so, tie a wick soaked in fresh urine to a string and drag it behind you as you walk towards your stand freshening wick every 80 yards. After creating the scent drag, you can hang the soaked wick/rag nearby as a powerful scent dispenser into the wind.

Use deer urine as a cover scent to eliminate any human smells:

We have found that any fresh deer urine (Estrus, Scrape or Rutting Buck) works very well as a cover scent (but during the early season avoid using Estrus). While sitting in your stand use our spray top and give 5-10 blasts every 15 minutes, also spraying on your tree around you. This helps to overpower your scent as it floats downstream. We know we can’t completely fool a mature buck’s nose, but this method has been known to lure the most mature bucks.

Use a mist-top sprayer to effectively spread the deer urine:

Lastly, using a mist top sprayer allows you to mist the deer urine with a few quick bursts, giving you a much broader target range. Misted deer urine can travel far with a slight breeze. We recommend spraying 10-20 bursts every 30 minutes from your stand (note: one 8 ounce bottle gives up to 335 bursts).

These tips should help you have an extremely successful deer hunting season. Have fun out there!