Inside Archery visits Raw Frozen Scents

Inside Archery visits Raw Frozen Scents

  • By - Adam
  • 8 August, 2018

RAW Frozen Scents is using the latest technology and out-of-the-box thinking to make remarkably effective scents. We spoke with Elam Lapp Jr., owner of RAW Frozen Scents, to learn more about this company’s unique approach and potent products.


Why are RAW Frozen Scents more effective than non-frozen scents?

Simply put, it’s because they are frozen. The biggest complaint among deer hunters who use scent is that it does not work very often. That’s because those scents are either loaded with preservatives, or the organic matter in the scent has started to decompose. Both of those factors change the scent profile and dramatically reduce the scent’s effectiveness. RAW Frozen Scents takes the deer urine straight from the deer and flash freezes it to preserve the pheromones in the scent.


What else makes RAW Frozen Scents special? 

All RAW Frozen Scent products are 100 percent pure. We don’t add water, which is a common trick for other scent brands when they want to make their scent go further. Dilution also changes the profile of scent, which deer can detect. We also don’t add preservatives. Other scents use preservatives to delay decomposition, but that doesn’t fool the deer. In fact, it does the opposite. Deer can smell those preservatives, and it changes the entire scent profile of the product.

We also use something called synchronization technology, which allows us to collect scent during the same season that it will be used. We worked with reproduction veterinarians to develop this process. It allows us to bring whitetail deer into heat any time of the year, and that means we can collect estrus urine right before hunting season, ensuring that it has same-season freshness.

Something else that sets us apart is our guaranteed estrogen levels of 30+ pg/mL. Research has shown that the estrogen levels of a whitetail doe at peak estrus are over 30 pg/mL, so this is what you really need to fire up mature bucks. We have an independent lab test every batch of RAW Peak Estrus and certify an estrogen level of 30+ pg/mL. Independent testing also found that some leading brands of other estrus scent contained zero estrogen. That means they are not what they claim to be, and that’s part of the reason other scent products don’t work like they should.



How do you generally develop and test your products?

We use our 700-head whitetail deer herd. We can test various ideas and compare products with our mature bucks, using real life techniques that give us much better data than we can get in the wild. For instance, we tested RAW Frozen Scent against a leading scent by hanging scent-loaded wicks side-by-side and letting several different bucks decide which they preferred. The average amount of time each buck spent at RAW Peak Estrus was 266 seconds, versus only 5 seconds for the leading brand. That’s 53.2 times more interest in RAW. We also have a large field-staff team that tests the effectiveness of each product, giving us real life feed back from across the country.


Do you have any exciting new products in the works? 

This year, we are releasing something that’s never been produced by any scent company, called Body Blast. After years of research and development with our vets, we learned that there is more to a doe’s smell than her urine. When we walked in our barn each day, we would notice a mild sweet smell that came off their bodies. As any hunter knows, a deer’s sense of smell is every bit as important as their sense of sight. They use it to detect danger, and they also use it as a form of communication to identify other deer. And of course, bucks use scent to find does in heat.

Like all mammals, deer give off an individual, distinctive and recognizable odor, and when does are in heat, their body emits certain pheromones. RAW Scents discovered a method to capture this body odor, which makes Body Blast the world’s first “body scent.” We collect the body odor of does in heat into an absorbent wick, which is then frozen like our other products to preserve the integrity of the scent. Body Blast is effective because it combines the natural body scent of a deer—which can have a calming effect by itself—with the pheromones that does also emit while in heat.


What kind of perks do you offer the independent pro-shops that carry your products? 

It builds trust when pro-shops can sell products that work, and we offer effective products at competitive prices. For example, our 4-ounce 30+ Peak Estrus retails for $24.99 ($6.24 per ounce), verses $15 to $20 per ounce for other non-frozen premium products. We offer a 100 percent money back guarantee on our products, giving the consumer confidence to try them out for the first time, and we have a 100% Buyback Program, meaning we buy back whatever hasn’t sold by the end of the year. We also offer free shipping on all orders, and provide a free freezer with every order of 60 or more bottles. Another free perk is our RAW Frozen Scents Awareness Program. Our social-media experts will make an advertisement specifically for your store that will target local hunters within a 30-mile radius, making them aware that RAW Frozen Scents is now available at your location. The potential reach is 2,000 to 25,000 hunters, depending on your population density. On top of all that, we have a friendly and knowledgeable sales team, and when you call us, you talk to hunters who have first-hand experience with our products.