ATA Deer Protection Program Summary

ATA Deer Protection Program Summary

  • By - Adam
  • 8 August, 2018

The ATA and its scent manufacturing members are fully committed to helping the state wildlife agencies maintain healthy wild deer herds. To that end, the ATA and its scent manufacturing members have worked with the state wildlife agencies and key CWD and wildlife disease experts to create an industry initiative that is intended to help minimize any potential spread of CWD through the use of cervid urine-based scent products.

The ATA worked with, and followed the guidance of, the experts and the agencies to develop the ATA Deer Protection Program. In our view, this program goes well-beyond the current USDA and State regulations related to CWD testing. In particular, the ATA program requires participating urine producing facilities who supply the ATA participating scent manufacturers to:

  1. Provide increased herd monitoring to ensure that animal testing is more thorough;
  2. Close their herds to importation of animals and severely restrict the export of live animals in an effort to subject all animals to the required testing;
  3. Double fence in CWD outbreak areas to limit (and, ideally, prevent) interactions between captive and wild herds;
  4. Conduct annual inspections of both the herd and the facilities and to maintain accurate and up-to-date records thereof; and,
  5. Work with the state wildlife agencies to advance the science related to CWD and to foster a better understanding of the spread of this disease.


Oversight of the program will be provided by the ATA and an oversight advisory group, including representatives from the state wildlife agencies and, where available, state veterinary services.

Participants in the ATA Program include all of the major scent manufacturers, as well as the facilities providing the urine used by these manufacturers. Program participants will be authorized by ATA to incorporate the ATA Seal shown at the top of the page, the purpose of which is to signify participation in the program. Program participation is divided into several categories:

  1. Participating Urine Production Facility – this category includes all facilities that have committed to the measures (1 through 5 above) included in the Program.
  2. Participating Scent Manufacturer – this category includes manufacturers that have committed to ensuring that the urine in their products originates only from a Participating Urine Production Facility. In some cases, a manufacturer may also be a production facility.
  3. Participating Distributor/Retailer – this category includes distributors and retailers that have committed to promoting the ATA Deer Protection Program and carrying for resale only products carrying the ATA Seal.

Our hope is that this program will help to better educate the end user (the hunter) regarding CWD and the importance of selecting products to use in the field that contribute positively to the control of this threat to our wild deer herds.

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